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Jose is one of the hottest and dynamic dance instructors in the world of Salsa. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, his parents stressed the importance of embracing his heritage. As a child, people would come see Jose dance to the sounds of music emanating from his neighborhood. The crowds would gather just to watch him perform and this was before he had any formal training. It soon became clear that this was a path he had to follow. After several years of self-teaching, he sought instruction from some of the top instructors in the world of Salsa. Jose focused his attention into not only improving his own technique but in learning the secrets of breaking down steps. Years Of dancing have prepared Jose to break out on his own, and share his joy and passion for Salsa/Mambo with others. Jose compliments the technical aspects of dancing on 2, with a smooth and fluid style that’ll make you the center of attention on any dance floor. After learning from Jose, your dance card will definitely be full whenever you go out.

Jose Rivera
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