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​At Salsa Salsa Dance Studio, we strive to create a welcoming, respectful, and fun environment for all dancers. To ensure everyone has a positive experience, we ask all members and visitors to adhere to the following guidelines:


1. Respect and Courtesy

  • Respect for All: Show respect to instructors, fellow dancers, and studio staff. Value everyone’s time, space, and efforts.

  • Punctuality: Arrive on time for classes and events. Late arrivals can disrupt the flow of the session.

  • Personal Hygiene: Maintain good personal hygiene. Use deodorant and wear clean attire to ensure a pleasant experience for everyone.


2. Codes of Conduct

  • Positive Attitude: Come with a positive attitude and be ready to dance, learn, and have fun.

  • Follow Instructions: Listen to and follow the instructors’ guidance. Their expertise ensures a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone.

  • Shared Space: Be mindful of the shared space. Avoid monopolizing areas, and always be considerate of others practicing or dancing around you.


3. Zero Tolerance for Verbal Abuse and Discriminatory Language

  • No Verbal Abuse: Any form of verbal abuse, including shouting, name-calling, or aggressive language, will not be tolerated.

  • Inclusive Language: Use inclusive and respectful language at all times. Discriminatory remarks based on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, or any other characteristic are strictly prohibited.


4. Unwarranted Sexual Advances or Comments

  • Professional Boundaries: Maintain professional boundaries with all members, instructors, and staff. Unwarranted sexual advances, whether verbal or physical, are strictly prohibited.

  • Respect Personal Space: Always seek consent before initiating physical contact. Respect everyone’s personal space and boundaries.

  • Report Inappropriate Behavior: If you experience or witness any inappropriate behavior, please report it to the studio staff immediately. We are committed to addressing any concerns promptly and ensuring a safe environment for everyone.


Thank you for helping us maintain a positive and respectful atmosphere at Salsa Salsa Dance Studio. Let’s dance with joy and mutual respect! For any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.

Please note: Failure to adhere to these codes of conduct may result in suspension of membership or a permanent ban from the studio and events.

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