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Jason Niño began his salsa journey in 2006 at Salsa International Dance Studio in Manhattan. He quickly advanced through the school's classes, ultimately becoming an instructor there himself. After leaving the studio, Jason continued teaching at various dance schools throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn. In addition to studio experience, Jason has led dance workshops for various organizations including Amherst College, Columbia University, and Poly Prep Country Day School, as well as corporate events, private parties, and public community events.

Nearly two decades later, Jason is still learning, growing, and eager to help new dancers find their own path through the incredible world of salsa. As an instructor, Jason's focus is to help students see social dancing as a conversation between dance partners, rather than a mere series of moves. He places a strong emphasis on the mechanics of movements and understanding the fundamentals of leading and following. Jason encourages all of his students to find their own individual voice and style as they embark on their own salsa journey.

Jason Nino
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