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Since childhood, Jackie has been immersed in the world of dance. Her passion for movement and expression has led her to explore various styles of dance, including ballet, tap, jazz, belly dance, hip hop, and of course, SALSA.
In the year 2000, Jackie discovered salsa and immediately fell in love with the dance style. She found that the rhythm and energy of salsa were a perfect match for her dynamic and expressive personality.

As a breast cancer thriver, salsa became a form of therapy during treatment, providing an outlet for her emotions and a way to stay physically active.

Jackie loves teaching the intricacies of salsa to beginners and seasoned dancers alike. Her passion for sharing her love of dance and the healing power of movement with others has led her to co-teaching at Salsa Salsa Dance Studio. Today, she continues to train and refine her skills but above all, she hopes to inspire her students to find their own connection to the healing and transformative power of dance.

Jacquelynn Rossiter
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