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Intrigued by couples dancing salsa at clubs, Elvis decided to make his way into a Dance Studio in July of 2005. He learned the basics and quickly realized that picking up shines and combos was something that came natural to him. Elvis’s dedication and drive to dance led him to learn salsa very quickly and in October 2005 he was asked to join the Pro-Team. He went on to perform at Aventura’s: Gods Project Tour concert at Madison Square Garden in 2006 and continued to dance with the Pro-Team until March 2007. Soon after, he joined Signatura Dancers of the TumiMambo Family under the instruction of Jesse Yip. Throughout the years, Elvis has graced many stages across the United States and Hawai’i all while teaching Salsa and Bachata at all levels. Elvis’ is known for his sense of humor and his crazy yet defined dance style. His vibrancy and charismatic personality create the type of fun and inspiring atmosphere in which you would want to learn to dance. Elvis’ teaching method is fun, thorough, and very supportive of your learning style.

Elvis Rodriguez
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