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You decided to join us!!!

So Let's Finalize Your Reservation.

We are happy you decided to join us on this awesome experience. please read below and fill out the necessary information below. It's important to fill out all the details so we can start the process of securing your travel documents and reserving your accommodations in Cuba.


Update: Due to OFAC's updated ban on Cuban hotels in Havana, Our organizer will be reserving Airbnb for the first part of the trip which is the first 4 days in Havana. No need to worry because all Airbnb's will be in walking distance to the Dance events and attractions. Airbnb's will also have all the necessary accommodations you would expect in any airbnb in America, (Bedroom, Bathrooms and Wi-Fi.) We will be staying in a brand new all-Inclusive resort in Varadero for the second part of the trip.

Payment Deadline:

April 22nd

( Full payment needs to be submitted ) 

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