Instructor Marcus GonzalezMarcus Gonzalez

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Marcus Gonzalez is a name in the world of Mambo on 2 that has become synonymous with grace, perfection, dynamics, invigoration, poise, and talent. As founder, co-owner, and instructor of Salsa Salsa Dance Studio, Marcus Gonzalez has certainly earned his reputation as a phenomenal dancer, magnificent mentor, and sensible and successful businessman. He began his Mambo dance training in 1998 with Carlos Vasquez, owner of La Salsa De Hoy Dance Studio in Brooklyn and trained with many reputable dancers thereafter including the legendary Eddie Torres. He has graced many stages, screens, and newspapers in New York and New Jersey including appearances with Arelis Beato’s Tropical Image Dance Team, and Marisol Ramirez, owner of Latin Fever Dance Studio.

Naturally capable of putting any student in their comfort zone regardless of background or dance level Marcus devoted his talents to the founding of Salsa Salsa Dance Studio in 2004. Marcus is known and loved for his ability to maximize the potential of any student who trains under his instruction. As perfectly stated in a 2008 interview with BCAT television, “Whether you’re a mambo master or a salsa square, Marcus Gonzalez has the right moves to set the inner dancer within you free.


Instructor Jose RiveraJose Rivera

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Jose is one of the hottest and dynamic dance instructors in the world of Salsa. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, his parents stressed the importance of embracing his heritage. As a child, people would come see Jose dance to the sounds of music emanating from his neighborhood. The crowds would gather just to watch him perform and this was before he had any formal training. It soon became clear that this was a path he had to follow.

After several years of self-teaching, he sought instruction from some of the top instructors in the world of Salsa. Jose focused his attention into not only improving his own technique but in learning the secrets of breaking down steps. Years Of dancing have prepared Jose to break out on his own, and share his joy and passion for Salsa/Mambo with others. Jose compliments the technical aspects of dancing on 2, with a smooth and fluid style that’ll make you the center of attention on any dance floor. After learning from Jose, your dance card will definitely be full whenever you go out.

andy_300Andy Mata

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Brooklyn born and raised, Andy Mata has been a member of Salsa Salsa Dance Studio since 2005. His vibrant personality and non-stop work ethic gained him respect among his peers and the owners of Salsa Salsa Dance Studio. Andy’s talent has catapulted him into being one of Salsa Salsa’s latest instructors.

As an understudy of Jose Rivera, Marcus Gonzalez, and Ray Colon, he quickly picked up material and applied it into his own style. He brings a fiery passion, strong voice, and a unique teaching method to the Salsa Salsa family. With a memory like no other, if you ever forget a salsa step, he is your go-to guy. Currently a member of the dance team “Oroana”, you can catch him performing all over New York City.

Joseph_300Joseph Medina

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Joseph was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Coming from a family of musicians and singers, he was exposed to the sound of Salsa, Mambo and Rumba from his early childhood years. His father was a percussionist in several Latin bands and his mother was a singer. Seeing his parents perform sparked his interest as a young teenager to follow in their footsteps. During his high school years, Joseph decided to explore the art of music as he was scouted and then drafted into the high school Latin/Jazz band. Soon enough, he was found singing and performing in various talent shows in school and could always be found dancing in the streets battling other dancers. By the age of 21, he took his dancing skills to the most popular clubs in New York City, break dancing and pop locking to the sounds of house music, free style and rap of the 80’s & 90’s. This indeed has given him all the inspiration and fire that is reflected in his dancing today.

Elvis Rodriguez

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Intrigued by couples dancing salsa at clubs, Elvis decided to make his way into a Dance Studio in July of 2005. He learned the basics and quickly realized that picking up shines and combos was something that came natural to him. Elvis’s dedication and drive to dance led him to learn salsa very quickly and in October 2005 he was asked to join the Pro-Team. He went on to perform at Aventura’s: Gods Project Tour concert at Madison Square Garden in 2006 and continued to dance with the Pro-Team until March 2007.

Soon after, he joined Signatura Dancers of the TumiMambo Family under the instruction of Jesse Yip. Throughout the years, Elvis has graced many stages across the United States and Hawai’i all while teaching Salsa and Bachata at all levels.

Elvis’ is known for his sense of humor and his crazy yet defined dance style. His vibrancy and charismatic personality create the type of fun and inspiring atmosphere in which you would want to learn to dance. Elvis’ teaching method is fun, thorough, and very supportive of your learning style.

Meli Tabares

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Meli was born in Colombia and has lived her childhood into adulthood between California, New York and Texas.
She has always been in love with dance until one night at a Grupo Niche concert in Dallas, Texas she saw her friend dancing Salsa very different from everyone else. She approached him and immediately wanted to learn. Quickly she dedicated herself to learn how to dance Salsa on 1. It became her ultimate goal to be able to social dance like his friend had that night she first saw Latin Ballroom being danced
But she also had a love for Bachata, due to a early introduction of it by her father. When she found out there was a performance team dedicated to Bachata, she then found her way into Rumba y Fuego Bachata Dance Team based in Dallas and absolutely fell in love with the what dance community had to offer.
After making the jump to move to New York in 2011. She was eager to find a group of like minded individuals to build a team like the one she was a part of in Dallas. She was and still is a proud founder of Pura Vida Dance Company. It was the beginning of her dance career here in New York City.
Since then she has danced with Caribbean Soul Dancers and Island Touch (First Season in New York). She also trained and learned Salsa on 2 at Yamulee Dance School. Her eagerness to learn and grow has helped her develop as a dancer over the years.
Now she is dedicated to teaching others about the amazing artistic sport of Latin Ballroom. She is very happy & proud to be a part of her now dance home at Salsa Salsa Dance Studio.