How long does it take to learn how to dance?

Learning how to dance salsa can take anywhere between a few months to years. It all depends on each person. Taking the classes is only part of learning how to dance. Learning to dance takes 3 things: practice, practice, practice! Practicing 10 minutes a day at home will improve your ability to dance. Coming to our studio socials will also improve your skills.

What is a social?

A social is an informal dance, where students come to practice what they learn in their classes. We have socials at the studios every other Friday. It is a fun setting and a great place to meet other students who have been taking classes with us. It is like a club setting and 99% of the music played is salsa. We have dj’s, and frequently they are accompanied by live percussionist. This makes for a fun and exciting atmosphere to practice! Important: Now that we have two locations, please be sure to check the schedule page of the website for specific dates and locations of upcoming socials.

How large are the classes?

Class size may vary from month to month. They can range in size from 15 to 40 people.

What if I miss a class?

Every week we review what was taught the week prior. So if you miss a class you will briefed the following week. There are not rollover classes. So if you are absent two classes within the month you cannot rollover the classes that you missed into the following month. Instructors are always sensitive and willing to assist anyone who has been absent, to get them up to speed with the rest of the class.

Do I need a partner?

These salsa lessons are taught in group lessons. Most students come on their own and do not have a regular partner. If you wish to bring a partner is entirely up to you and not required. When we teach our classes everyone has a chance to dance with everyone else. This improves our dancing, as we would dance with a stranger at a social or a club.

What should I wear for class?

Students should wear clothes that are comfortable and that do not restrict movement. We ask that male students NOT wear tank tops, however sleeveless t-shirts are acceptable. Appropriate shoes are required. Students should NOT wear shoes or sneakers with rubbers soles and/or pointed or stiletto heels as they will damage the studio floor and inhibit the learning of good technique.

How can I practice what I learn?

You can practice what you learn either at home or at the socials. Some students, when they get home, will record the turn pattern on video. This will definitely help with good visual practice. If you have it on video, you won’t forget what you learned and can always refer back to it later.